10 Quotes from The Pastor

The Pastor contains 9 essays from men associated with Princeton Theological Seminary. Those men are William S. Plumer, J.W. Alexander, Archibald Alexander, Charles Hodge, Samuel Miller, Ashbel Green, and Nicholas Murray.

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Quotes from The Pastor

1. Piety is indispensable to the saving of the soul of the preacher. Ministers must have that ‘holiness without which no man shall see the Lord’, or terribly perish. It is essential to the honour of Christ and his ordinances. (Pg. 17)

2. No converts need to be sought by false pretenses. Christ makes no promises of ease, no offers of exemption from the cross; he refrains from no pungency of rebuke in order to gain favour; he wafts no flatteries to the great or the rich. (Pg. 38)

3. The minister of Christ is not called to be a scientific inquirer, a politician, an agriculturalist, a literary devotee – though the parsimony of the churches or the desire of avoiding offense, have sometimes forced holy men into secular pursuits; still less is he called to be a convivial companion, a fashionable fluttered, or a habitual idler; but to give himself continually to prayer and the ministry of the word. (Pg. 46)

4. The minister of Christ should be ever on the watch for favourable opportunities of winning souls. (Pg. 56)

5. Preaching is the noblest and most useful institution among men. It is God’s great means of saving sinners, and edifying his own people: but in order to answer the end for which it was designed, the preaching of the gospel must be rightly performed. (Pg. 57)

6. The most accomplished minister is entirely dependent on God for every degree of success in his ministry. (Pg. 59)

7. If the Christian church felt her obligations to her Lord and Redeemer as she ought, the whole body would be like a great missionary society, whose chief object was to spread the gospel over the whole world. (Pg. 99)

8. Error can never nourish the soul. (Pg. 100)

9. The gospel which we preach, my friends, is not our gospel. We neither invented it, nor can we improve it. ‘I certify you’, says the same apostle who penned the words of our text – ‘I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not after man. For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it but by the revelation of Jesus Christ. (Pg. 136)

10. The church needs preachers of sermons, not readers of essays, – men who prefer the walks about the Sea of Galilee, and in the garden of Gethsemane, and over Calvary, to the dreamy regions of transcendentalism, – who would as soon quote Paul as Coleridge, or Carlyle, – who prefer the obscurity to which the resolve ‘to know nothing but Christ and him crucified’ may consign them, to the notoriety obtained by converting the pulpit into a stage from which all kinds of lectures are delivered, upon all kinds of subjects, and before all kinds of people. (Pg. 233)

Evan Knies is an elder of North Hills Church in West Monroe, LA. He is husband of Lauren and father to Maesyn. He is a graduate of Boyce College and Southern Seminary.

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