Q&A with Alan Witham (The Deacon Ministry Handbook)

The Deacon Ministry Handbook was featured on Kentucky Today, click here. For more information on the Kentucky Baptist Convention, click here. To purchase a copy of The Deacon Ministry Handbook, click here.

Q&A with Alan Witham

Evan: Tell us about yourself?

Alan: I have served with the Kentucky Baptist Convention since 2000. I have served in my current role of Regional Consultant Group Leader since 2012. I work to equip and encourage church leaders to take steps that lead to greater health and growth both personally and congregationally. I have 19 years of experience as a senior pastor in Kentucky Churches. I am a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div) and Campbellsville University (B.A). I have contributed to the following books and publications: Lead to Revitalize: 15 Practices of a Revitalization Leader; The Deacon Ministry Handbook: A Practical Guide for Servant Leadership; worked with KBC’s Regional Consultant Group to write the following: “40 Days of Prayer for Revitalization,” “Strengthening Congregational Prayer,” “Breaking Barriers in Smaller Churches,” “For the Kingdom’s Sake: Finding God’s Preferred Future for Your Church,” and “The Pastor Search Team Guide.”

Evan: What led to the development of The Deacon Ministry Handbook?

Alan: Our KBC Regional Consultants work often with churches having deacons. We know that deacon’s can be a great blessing to the pastor and the local church and on the other hand, they can create problems for both. We understand how important their role can be when carried out from a biblical model of servanthood. We also know what conflicts arise when the role of deacon becomes one of supervising the pastor or being administrators or functioning more like elders. We wanted to provide a resource that would equip deacons to follow a biblical model and fulfill it well thus contributing to the health of their local church.

Evan: How did you and the other contributors work together for this project?

Alan: Seven members from the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s Church Consulting and Revitalization Team (at the time of writing) each wrote a chapter for the book. Prior to writing, the group discussed topics essential for having a healthy, effective deacon ministry. Each of the topics became a focal point for the chapters.

Evan: How do you hope this work is used and readers takeaway from it?

Alan: We hope the book will be read personally by persons who are considering becoming a deacon. We hope it will clarify biblical expectations to help them make a well informed decision. We hope this book will serve to equip newly elected deacons to get off to a good start in their new role. We hope the book will be used for training and group discussion purposes for deacon bodies. In late February, video vignettes on chapter content (15 minutes duration or less) and leadership lifters (5 minute “how to” video vignettes for equipping) will be available on the kybaptist.org web site.

To purchase copies of the book, click here. Click “bulk discount” for ordering multiple copies at a discount.

Thank you Alan for the Q&A! I was able to get to know Alan during my time in Kentucky. He serves Christ and Kentucky Baptists well. May the Lord continue to bless his labors and the labors of the KBC.

Evan Knies is an elder of North Hills Church in West Monroe, LA. He is husband of Lauren and father to Maesyn. He is a graduate of Boyce College and Southern Seminary.

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