Book Briefs: ESV Church History Study Bible

Front Cover

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Table of Contents
Intro to the Book of Genesis
First page of Genesis. On the bottom of the page contains notes from Church leaders throughout history.
“This Passage in History”
Example of one of the Articles (History of Biblical Interpretation and Exegesis)
Author Index for Study Notes

Brief Review

This Study Bible is for those who are wanting to understand the Bible through the lens of the history of the Church. This would be a very helpful study Bible for you because of the commentary on various passages from those who have gone before us. This work also has sections titled This Passage in History throughout the notes. The ESV Church History Study Bible also contains a list of informative articles near the back; they are: History of Biblical Interpretation and Exegesis, History of Bible Translation, History of Biblical Preaching, The Patristic Era, The Middle Ages, The Bible and the Reformation, The Modern Age, Reading the Bible in a Critical Age, Creeds and Confessions, The Devotional Use of Scripture, The Role of Tradition in Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, and The Bible and the Global Church. Like many ESV Study Bibles, this ESV Study Bible contains a helpful concordance and a Bible reading plan. I think Crossway’s Bible reading plans are some of the best because of the way they format the plan and leave the reader enough space to mark it off for multiple years of use. This Bible has nice paper and good font, but there is not adequate room for taking a lot of notes. If note taking is how you most like to utilize your personal Bible, I would suggest a journaling Bible or wide margin. This Bible is a similar concept to the Ancient Faith Study Bible that the CSB produced, and it contains an author index in the back as well. A large difference between the ESV Church History Study Bible and the Ancient Faith Study Bible is the period of time for study notes at the bottom. The Ancient Faith Study Bible is looking at the early church for study notes and this ESV Church History Study Bible has notes from leaders throughout history. If you are interested in this Study Bible, it is one I would recommend! They are available in Hardback, Trutone, and Genuine Leather.

For more information on the ESV Church History Study Bible published by Crossway, click here.

Evan Knies is an elder of North Hills Church in West Monroe, LA. He is husband of Lauren and father to Maesyn. He is a graduate of Boyce College and Southern Seminary.

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