10 Quotes from The New Reformation

Shai Linne is a recording artist who has released numerous acclaimed Christian hip-hop albums, including The Atonement and The Attributes of God. After completing a pastoral internship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, Shai cofounded Risen Christ Fellowship, an innercity church in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA.

1. Worldliness is a temptation in every age, including our own. The only question is what form that worldliness takes. (Pg. 62)

2. All faithful preachers and teachers are a gift from God to the church, to be used by the church, for the building up of the church. (Pg. 68)

3. Whenever we veer from the Scriptures, error and confusion are inevitable. (Pg. 88)

4. True Christians all over the world in every era of church history have acknowledged that God, through the finished work of Christ, sovereignty saves His people by grace through faith apart from works of the law – even those who may not be consciously aware of the theological categories birthed from the Reformation. (Pg. 94)

5. If we as Christians are going to address sin, especially in other believers, it’s important that we address it specifically and with biblical categories. (Pg. 112)

6. Any unity that is not of God will ultimately be thwarted by God. Unity that is of God will be blessed by God. (Pg. 120)

7. The world is filled with many diverse kinds of people who are united in their opposition to God. May we as the church not be outdone by them or seek to mimic them. Rather, may we lead the way in displaying the unity of a diverse group of believers who have been reconciled to God, for the glory of God. (Pg. 135)

8. No one ethnicity has cornered the market on sin. (Pg. 149)

9. Our union with Christ means that we have a spiritual communion with one another that transcends all natural earthly relationships. Division in the church is a denial of this profound reality. (Pg. 160)

10. The unity of the church is one of the means that God uses to convince unbelievers that the God of the Bible is real. (Pg. 162)

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Evan Knies is an elder of North Hills Church in West Monroe, LA. He is the husband of Lauren and father to Maesyn. He is a graduate of Boyce College and Southern Seminary.

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