Glorious Spirit (Part Six)

By Andy Reeves


The coming of the Holy Spirit marked a new age and new outworking of God’s redemption of humanity. No longer would God dwell among His people but now He dwells in them, empowering them with His mighty Holy Spirit. Christ’s sacrifice made this redemption and indwelling possible. Because He removed the debt of sin by dying on the cross. The Holy Spirit takes the work of Christ and applies it to those who believe in Him and his resurrection from the dead. The Spirit does not speak on his own authority but only upon the authority of the Father and the Son. This indicates his deity and unity with God the Father and the Son. This joint work of the Son and the Holy Spirit causes adoption to take place in the life of the believer. A believer now stands before God, not condemned, but as a co-heir with Christ and fellow receiver of His glory. God glorified the Son for his work in accomplishing redemption. God will glorify believers with Christ when his plan for the world is completed. And in glorifying believers God glorifies the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit applied the work of Christ to believers and sanctified them, preparing them to inherit the glory of God.

Andy Reeves is married to Hannah and a student at SBTS.

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