10 Quotes from Spurgeon and the Poor

Q&A with Alex DiPrima

To purchase a copy of Spurgeon and the Poor from Reformation Heritage, click here.

Quotes from Spurgeon and the Poor

1. Spurgeon’s commitment to gospel preaching gave social ministry its proper place. (Pg. xxi)

2. During Spurgeon’s lifetime, the Pastors’ College trained nearly nine hundred men, and its graduates planted nearly two hundred churches in Britain alone. (Pg. 11)

3. Practical care and concern for the needy; the afflicted, and the oppressed ought to be natural to the Christian by virtue of regeneration. (Pg. 26)

4. For those who embrace the social gospel, social ministry is at the heart of the gospel. For Spurgeon, social ministry flows out of the gospel. (Pg. 52)

5. The church has been given a task and mission to carry out in service to Christ. Spurgeon, therefore, understood the church to be Christ’s official embassy, conducting her work on behalf of the kingdom of God. (Pg. 63)

6. Christians are called to heavenly-mindedness and to live for Christ’s kingdom, but this should not lead them to ignore the world around them. Spurgeon believed Christians should endeavor to steward their earthly citizenship for good and should desire to see the will of God prevail in the public square. (Pg. 83)

7. Spurgeon believed that the church ought to be a dynamic force for the spread of the gospel and should be proactive in multiplying new churches. (Pg. 104)

8. As a result of his strong stand against slavery, Spurgeon’s publishers in the South refused to continue the publication of his sermons, forcing him to find funding for the college elsewhere. (Pg. 115)

9. Spurgeon believed the humblest layperson has a part to play in the spread of the gospel and ministry to the needy. (Pg. 155)

10. It is of no lasting good to feed a belly for a lifetime, only for it to starve in hell for eternity. (Pg. 199)

To purchase a copy of Spurgeon and the Poor from Reformation Heritage, click here.

Brief Review of Spurgeon and the Poor

In Spurgeon and the Poor, Alex DiPrima walks through various aspects of Spurgeon’s life and ministry that showed his concern for those made in God’s image. Charles Spurgeon not only preached the Gospel, but started ministries to care for many who were effected by the pains of this world. For the discussions of our day, I think this is a very important work. Spurgeon is not a perfect man, but a great man to learn from. Alex DiPrima has written this tremendous book on Spurgeon’s life and ministry that will be an aid for many young pastors as they think about various ministries in the life of their church. This is a helpful book to understand the history and time of Spurgeon’s day while getting to know more about Spurgeon himself. I recommend this book to any Christian, but I especially recommend this book for young pastors. Buy some copies and read it with other pastors.

Evan Knies is an elder of North Hills Church in West Monroe, LA. He is husband of Lauren and father to Maesyn. He is a graduate of Boyce College and Southern Seminary.

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