Book Briefs: The Existence and Attributes of God (2 Volume Set by Crossway)

Stephen Charnock was a prominent English Puritan theologian and preacher in England and Ireland during the seventeenth century. Trained at Cambridge and Oxford, he served as chaplain to Henry Cromwell, the chief governor of Ireland, and is known for his discourses on the existence and attributes of God.

The Existence and Attributes of God is a book that has helped many think upon who God since it was written. This is a work that is not just for pastors, but for any Christian who wants to think and reflect upon the attributes of God. It is a book that is trustworthy and should be given to other believers, and now it is in a trustworthy format that will last. This would be a great gift for a pastor or believer and it could be handed down to their children or others.

This 2 volume set was edited by Mark Jones. The editorial changes in these 2 volumes help benefit the reader. There is the use of modernized language, footnotes and bibliographic information, and contains a chapter on the life of Stephen Charnock written by William Symington. Before each chapter there are also chapter summaries which will help the reader for a review or could be useful for a group book study.

Table of Contents:

Volume 1: Discourses 1–8
Discourse 1: On God’s Existence 
Discourse 2: On Practical Atheism
Discourse 3: On God’s Being a Spirit 
Discourse 4: On Spiritual Worship 
Discourse 5: On the Eternity of God
Discourse 6: On the Immutability of God
Discourse 7: On God’s Omnipresence
Discourse 8: On God’s Knowledge

Volume 2: Discourses 9–14
Discourse 9: On the Wisdom of God
Discourse 10: On the Power of God
Discourse 11: On the Holiness of God
Discourse 12: On the Goodness of God
Discourse 13: On God’s Dominion
Discourse 14: On God’s Patience

To purchase a copy of The Existence and Attributes of God, click here.

Evan Knies is an elder of North Hills Church in West Monroe, LA. He is husband of Lauren and father to Maesyn. He is a graduate of Boyce College and Southern Seminary.

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