Q&A with Creston Thomas

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Q&A with Creston

Evan: Tell us about yourself?

Creston: I am from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I grew up in a Christ-centered home, but I was hostile towards the gospel at a young age. While attending a church function, I came to the knowledge that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But the Lord’s mercies overflowed by graciously calling me from death to life around the age of 14. After this supernatural work, the Lord has continued to grow me in the knowledge of Himself. I became a member at Wheeler Chapel Missionary Baptist Church and New St. Hurricane Missionary Baptist Church. After being discipled in college, I went on to attend the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where I graduated with a Masters of Divinity in Biblical and Theological Studies.

Evan: Why did you plant a church?

Creston: I never in the world thought I would be planting a church nor moving back to Pine Bluff. I enjoyed studying biblical languages during seminary, and desired to do some doctoral work in the languages. I went on several trips to Israel to further grasp the language. During this time, my dad started to have some health issues so I would travel back to Pine Bluff to see him. And as I went back to Pine Bluff, I noticed some brokenness around the city. I noticed people were moving away from Pine Bluff at high numbers to seek better opportunities. This made me ponder about the implications of the gospel. The gospel transforms communities which gives us a foretaste of heaven to come. The Lord around this time started to turn my affections to move back to Pine Bluff to eventually church plant.

Evan: How is church planting in Pine Bluff?

Creston: It has been a joy getting to know my community. My community has a rich history that I am learning something new about daily. Earlier in the church planting process I was so quick to share the gospel that I didn’t appreciate the importance of learning the stories that made up the community here. Contextualization is already difficult but it becomes really difficult when you have great truths and are not able to communicate them properly in a particular context. So it has been a humbling experience talking about Jesus in my community.

Evan: What are ways that people can partner with you?

Creston: We have several ways you can come alongside and partner with us.

1. Pray with/for us daily for the gospel to go forward in Pine Bluff.

2. We have several ministries that are happening at CTRC. Please go to Christ the Redeemer Church and find out how you can come alongside a particular ministry. If it is a ministry you may have questions about; feel free to fill out our contact form and let us know.

3. Lastly, any financial contributions to CTRC will help meet several needs at CTRC. Please consider giving to CTRC.

Evan: What will you be speaking on at the conference?

Creston: It takes patience in church planting in Building Healthy Churches.

Evan: Why are you excited about the conference?

Creston: I am excited to hear about many of the great things the Lord is doing in Louisiana and around the world through missions. I am also looking forward to meeting some great people at the conference.

Thank you Creston! He is a good friend. Be in prayer for him, his family and CRTC. Looking forward to seeing my brother in September!

Evan Knies is an elder of North Hills Church in West Monroe, LA. He is husband of Lauren and father to Maesyn. He is a graduate of Boyce College and Southern Seminary.

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