Q&A with Mitch Chase (Hope for all the Earth and Resurrection Hope)

10 Quotes from Hope For All The Earth

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Questions with Mitch Chase

Evan: Tell us about yourself?

Mitch: I live in Louisville with my wife Stacie and our four sons. We’re originally from Texas but moved to Louisville for education pursuits in 2010 at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I’m the Preaching Pastor at Kosmosdale Baptist Church in southwest Louisville, and recently I’ve joined the faculty at Southern Seminary as a professor of biblical studies. Our boys are between 5 and 13 years old, so our house is lively on a daily basis. I’m thrilled to be able to work in places and with people that desire to learn the Scripture. What a joy it is to study, write about, and teach the Word of God!

Evan: What do you enjoy about your local church?

Mitch: Our local church–Kosmosdale Baptist Church–welcomed our family in 2012 as I became the Preaching Pastor. The people are warm and loving. They are a joy to pastor, and this summer (2022) we marked ten years of being with these wonderful people. With our extended families living in Texas, we are especially glad that the Lord has provided the folks at KBC as our local church. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ–they are family! It’s important to me as a dad that my boys love the church, and I’m delighted that they are growing up at KBC.

Evan: Dr. Chase, you have 2 books releasing this fall (Hope for all the Earth, August 2022 and Resurrection Hope, October 2022). What led you to writing these books? What do you hope readers will take away from these works?

Mitch: Hope for All the Earth: Understanding the Story of the Old Testament is a short book (published by 10ofthose) about the largest section of the Bible. The Old Testament is 3/4 of Scripture, yet it is the more difficult of the Testaments to understand and process. The many nations, places, prophecies, and historical events can appear overwhelming, and some parts of the Old Testament can require great patience and perseverance for readers. Since all of the Bible is Christian Scripture–from Genesis to Revelation–we need to understand the ancient stories and the Epic Plot. What is the Old Testament for? What are the thirty-nine books trying to tell us? In Hope for All the Earth, I take the reader through the storyline of the Old Testament, covering the main characters and covenants and patterns and prophecies that advance a hope for a redeemer. Jesus Christ is the hope for all the earth. I wrote this book to give a concise, accessible presentation of the Old Testament’s story. It’s for individuals and groups, Bible courses and Sunday School classes, small groups and devotional reading. My prayer for the book is that it would increase our understanding of what the Old Testament is for, as well as stir our joy that our Redeemer has come.

Later this fall, Resurrection Hope and the Death of Death will release from Crossway as part of their “Short Studies in Biblical Theology” series. When believers look at this broken and sinful world under the sun, we long for renewal and justice and the fullness of God’s redemptive work. The Bible teaches–from Genesis to Revelation–that death will be defeated. The biblical authors say to Death, “You shall surely die.” We were created for embodied life with God, and our resurrection from the dead will bring to pass what we were made to enjoy. The hope of resurrection did not arise late in the Bible’s storyline; it surfaces early–as early as Genesis! In Resurrection Hope and the Death of Death, I trace the hope of resurrection across the sections of the Old and New Testaments, showing the different ways that resurrection hope is cultivated and advanced. As Christians, we confess that the Lord rose bodily from the dead. He inaugurated the glory of resurrection. He rose never to die again. United with him, we have this same hope. At the return of the Lord Jesus, our bodies will be raised–glorified. It would be my honor to encourage the hearts of readers with the hope of resurrection. Thinking about our glorious hope can help our earthly and temporal perspectives. It can help us persevere. It can bring us comfort and relief. And it can help us understand more fully the kind of life we were made to embody.

Thank you Dr. Chase! One of the kindest men that I know and he was one of the first to welcome us to Louisville. Dr. Chase’s Ancient Near East class was one of my favorite classes I took at Boyce. If you are able, you will want to get these books!

Evan Knies is an elder of North Hills Church in West Monroe, LA. He is husband of Lauren and father to Maesyn. He is a graduate of Boyce College and Southern Seminary.

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