Quotes from Rediscover Church

Collin Hansen serves as vice president of content and editor in chief for the Gospel Coalition. He serves as an elder for Redeemer Community Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and also on the advisory board of Beeson Divinity School.

Jonathan Leeman is the editorial director for 9marks and cohost of the Pastors’ Talk podcast. He is the author or editor of over a dozen books and teaches at several seminaries.

A Christian without a church is a Christian in trouble. (pg. 11)

Without conversion, without being born again, there is no church to rediscover. If Jesus has not died for our sins and been raised on the third day, there is no more hope to be found inside the church than outside. (pg. 37)

When God adopts you, when he gives you the gift of faith in his Son, he welcomes you into a spiritual family of brothers and sisters – that is, the church. (pg. 38)

When you’re converted, you can’t help but worship. (pg. 42)

When church is only online, we can’t feel, experience, and witness those truths becoming enfleshed in the family of God, which both fortifies our faith and creates cords of love between brothers and sisters. Virtual church is an oxymoron. (pg. 52)

The Christian life and the church life cannot finally be downloaded. It must be watched, heard, stepped into, and followed. (pg. 52)

Our assemblies are merely signs and foreshadowings of that future heavenly assembly, just as the little wafers we receive in the Lord’s Supper are signs of a heavenly banquet. (pg. 55)

Preachers draw their authority not from superior knowledge, political power, or rhetorical flourish. They draw it from God’s Word alone. (pg. 57)

The churches that will emerge strongest through the aftermath of COVID-19 will be those that differentiated between God’s Word preached in power and the countless other words that vied for our dwindling attention. (pg. 63)

If the Spirit is in you, you want to commit to Christ’s body. (pg. 77)

Membership in the church is membership in a family. (pg. 81)

The church that gets noticed by the world brings together people who don’t normally associate – the tax collectors and zealots, the sinners and Pharisees. (pg. 107)

The rediscovered church can’t afford to repeat the same basic self-help mantras without plumbing any theological depths. (pg. 118)

Every outsider is welcome in church and invited to become an insider by faith. (pg. 122)

Trust is the oil that allows the engine of Jesus’s discipleship program to operate. (pg. 134)

The good news is, every gospel-preaching church is playing for the same kingdom team. (pg. 136)

Evan Knies is an elder at North Hills Church in West Monroe, LA. He is husband of Lauren and father to Maesyn. He is a graduate of Boyce College and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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