Hell, the Modern Mind, and the Gospel

The quote below is taken from Martyn Lloyd-Jones Romans series (Romans 7:1 – 8:4) published by Banner of Truth (pg. 159-160).

“Hell is just unthinkable to the modern mind. No intelligent person ever talks about hell, we are told; no decent person talks about hell. It is ridiculed and dismissed as being totally incompatible with a God of love. That is how sin speaks. Sin, as an angel of light, talks much about the love of God. It will talk about anything in order to get you to close your eyes to the consequences of your actions, and the end to which they lead, and especially to the death, the eternal death, in which they are going to issue.”

“To see the deceivableness and deceitfulness of sin at its very zenith, listen to what it says about the Cross of Christ on Calvary’s hill. Alas! How often is false doctrine heard in so-called Christian pulpits! Preachers say, ‘What is the meaning of that death, that Cross? It is nothing but a great exhibition, a tableau, of the love of God. Do not talk about substitutionary atonement. Do not talk about the righteousness and justice of God. Do not say that God was there punishing His Son in order that we might be freely forgiven. Do not talk about the wrath of God, do not talk about propitiation. It is all love; there is no punishment. God is a God of love; so live as you like; all will go to heaven at the end.’ That is how sin talks in its deceivableness and deceitfulness. Universalism! All are going to be saved; there is no division of mankind into the ‘saved’ and the ‘lost’. Even out of the Cross of Christ – the most glorious event the world has ever seen, where God was revealing His eternal justice and righteousness by punishing His own Son, and not sparing Him anything – even out of that they take the glory in order to deceive us about the whole function of the Law, and the very character of God Himself. That is how sin deceives us by giving us one side of the picture only.”

For more resources by Martyn Lloyd-Jones, please check out the MLJ Trust. Here is a link to MLJ’s sermon on Romans 7.

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