Controversy Among Youth Concerning Jen Hatmaker’s Last Name: Is Jen Hatmaker a Hat maker?

By Rupert Lange

With the current uprising of theological issues concerning Jen Hatmaker’s comments on homosexual marriage, younger people are beginning to read her statement. As a popular icon amongst teenagers and young adults in the church, her views have reached many people of this age group. Although her words were very clear about how she felt on the issue, students still are very confused and concerned about Jen Hatmaker…

As this hot button issue is causing controversy everywhere, students are beginning to wonder whether Jen Hatmaker is actually a hat maker. While her firm stance is becoming a trademark to her as a person, the issue concerning whether she makes hat for a living is causing students to question her credibility, honesty, and integrity.

“I just don’t get it”, says youth pastor Thomas Cranford. “In today’s Christian culture, it’s super cool to be edgy, and I dig that. You know, saying stuff like what she said is very attractive for a younger audience, especially in a culture where people argue constantly about anything. But with a last name like that, how do you not except millennials to question the truth behind what you stand for?”

At this point in the interview Cranford stated that he had to go because his students were wanting to do a youth group mannequin challenge.

Jen Hatmaker has definitely stirred the pot as of late in Christian culture. With these new allegations regarding her last name, this will only add fuel to the fire.

*This is a parody. Have a Great Thanksgiving. 

Rupert Lange is a Senior at West Monroe High School. He is involved in the local church, loves to read, watch sports and drink coffee.

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