By Colton Corter
Perseverance of the Saints (3)

Quickly, we move to our last passage of consideration. God’s intention to persevere His elect is shown again in John 17. Christ is praying to His Father, our Father, that we should be persevered in the world. The world is a treacherous enemy to the Christian. The world is at enmity with God. It is for this reason that Christ prays that the Father would “keep them in your name” in John 17:11. The glory of God is on the line in this doctrine. If one could come to Christ and leave then His glory might be scorned. So for the purpose of His own namesake He keeps us. This should be the heart of every aim; a hear that screams, “Hallowed be thy name.” God has saved us in such a way as to magnify His own worth, not ours. Our greatest good is God’s glory. This is the bedrock of our assurance. This keeping makes us one, unified around the truth (v.12). Christ has guarded His disciples, all except for Judas who is the “son of destruction.” Christ, for His own purposes, did not guard Judas. It is important to not that Judas never was in Christ. He remained at enmity with the true God, hating His glory and desiring his own. God did not lose Judas. Think of the contrast with Peter. Peter was just as dumb as Judas. Peter denied Jesus, as did Judas. But Peter was brought back by the mercy of Christ. Peter, a true child of God, was persevered by God. It was surely not his wherewithal that got him to glory.

Christ has purposed we see His glory in full. Our satisfaction in God does much to show the worth of God. Jesus prays that we will be with Him where He is going (v.24) In Heaven we will share in the joy that the Father has enjoyed in the Son and vice versa from eternity past. God’s purpose to show us His glory will not be thwarted. We will, all who are in Christ, stand speechless before the full majesty of God. Selah.


Colton Corter is a student at SBTS and member at Third Avenue Baptist Church. You can follow him on Twitter @coltonMcorter.

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