From Wisdom to Foolishness: Progression and the Diabolical Nature of Sin. Romans 1:18-32 (Part Three)

By David Brown

III. God’s Wrath is Revealed through a mind of Depravity.

Read Romans 1:28-32
Structure of Rom.1:28-32
* In verse 28 Paul talks about people being given over to a depraved mind.
* This depraved mind is followed by a long list of vices.
* Verse 32 the verb “practice” is used on two occasions. On both occasions it is used in a present tense form that denotes continuous action.

We are talking about people who willfully practice sinful behavior on an on-going basis. And ultimately they reach a state where they are not even able to understand the Scripture or live in a way that would bring honor God. They will twist the Scripture and pervert it into something that benefits them. And this state is entered into all because we have opened the door to sin by failing to acknowledge and honor God.

Conclusion : This is a passage that teaches us about the diabolical nature of sin. It teaches us that we cannot dabble in sin because sin is progressive in nature. It enters into our lives very quietly and charts a course of destruction and along the way it will destroy your life and everybody around you. Because Paul is teaching us in no uncertain terms that when we allow sin into our lives and fail to repent/turn away we are playing with fire.

Dr. David Brown (PhD, New Orleans) is pastor of Roseland Park Baptist Church in Picayune, Mississippi. You can follow him on Twitter @daviddwb


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