Book Briefs: “Recapturing the Voice of God” By Steven Smith

By Evan Knies

Steven W. Smith is the Vice President for Student Services and Communications and professor of Preaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Brief Summary:

Only a rare book can help the Christian reader in just its first few pages. That’s what Dr. Smith does, however, with his definition of Expository Preaching; what it is and what it does in the book’s Introduction. This preaching book is unique in how it addresses how we speak, our substance, and the genre from which we are preaching. Most Preaching books I have read in the last few years have addressed these issues, but not all have been addressed in one book alone. Dr. Smith spends most of the work going through the various genres in Scripture and showing how pastors should read and preach from them with the goal of recapturing the voice of God in the text. Dr. Smith wants readers/pastors/scholars/whomever to hear God’s voice in the text. If you’re not a pastor either, this book can be immensely devotional for you because Dr. Smith is guiding all readers through God’s word, and showing how to best read it and interpret it.

Why is This Book Helpful?

1. This book doesn’t take its eyes off Scripture. Its goal is for your to have sermons that are grounded in the biblical text, so that the pastor will communicate the text thoughtfully and clearly so the congregation can understand and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

2. This book addresses the need for knowing and studying the Old Testament (pg. 98) in preaching of the New Testament. He helpfully addresses preaching the Old Testament Narrative. My question to you would be, “Have you abandoned the Old Testament?” Have you missed the story line in Scripture? The Old Testament leads us to the True King of Israel, King Jesus! Friends, preach the Old Testament! The First Christian sermon was from the Old Testament (pg. 47)!

3. As he walks through each genre, Dr. Smith is helpful in addressing key issues in the text. He is also helpful in addressing things that many people skip over such as how the book of Revelation is personal (pg. 201).

This book is needed in our day. We need to stand behind the Word of God and preach its truths. Dr. Smith shows the pastor/scholar/church member how to do so!

Friend, you only get one life! And it will soon pass! Only what is done for Jesus Christ will last!

Evan Knies and his wife Lauren are natives of West Monroe, Louisiana. He is currently an undergraduate student at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky. You can follow him on Twitter at @EvanKnies.

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