Before You Go (The Week in Review): Friday, July 31, 2015

By Evan Knies

Our “week in review” posts (published every Friday) will point you to important stories that were in the news during the week, or articles from around the internet that we thought you should make sure you read. As we all close out the work week and clock-out on a Friday afternoon, here are some things to put in your bag or briefcase to take with you for the weekend, before you go.

Earlier this week Louisiana was the site of another mass-shooting at a theater. Here’s one of the stories from that event:–abc-news-topstories.html

This video is when the cop shot at the passenger in Cincinnati, and has since been charged with murder:

John Piper’s clarion call to teenagers to be free of the pursuits of the world:

The saga surrounding Planned Parenthood raged throughout the week. This TGC article is very helpful in regards to that discussion:

And if you haven’t read it yet, check out Matt Beard’s article from earlier this week.

As the presidential election season continues to build, historian Thomas Kidd writes about why Mike Huckabee probably won’t be the evangelical darling that you might expect:

A group of women “catfished” Isis, received money from them, and now they face charges. Here’s that bizarre story:

We really appreciated this article written by Jared Wilson on the “For The Church” blog:

And, one of my friends, Brandon Meeks, posted an article on his blog High Church Puritan:

And finally, this post from Ray Ortlund’s blog this week:


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